Facilities Available 

Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre has been fully refurbished and equipped for all types of surgery including orthopaedics. A wide range of modern anaesthetics are used along with an extensive cardiac and respiratory monitoring. We constantly review our anaesthetic practices and quickly adapt to any new developments.

We also offer special anaesthetic for:
# Ill or elderly patients
# Exotic Pets (rabbits, guinea pig etc)
# Pets needing caesarean section operations


We have a full range of purpose built kennels to ensure all pets are kept warm, safe and comfortable.


We have a full range of dental equipment including ultrasonic dental machine, high speed drill and dental polisher. We also have a set of equipment specifically designed for rabbit dentistry.


We have on-site radiography with a Dean X-ray machine, a bucky table and an automatic processor to ensure consistent radiograph development.


We have on-site biochemistry and haematology analysers for fast and efficient diagnosis of illnesses and pre-anaesthetic blood tests. We recommend pre-anaesthetic blood testing for all ill or elderly patients prior to surgery.

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