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October 2021

October 4th is World Animal Day which helps to raise animal welfare standards around the world.

October 10th is Animal Road Accident Awareness Day - have a mission to promote awareness and prevention of cats injured or killed in road accidents.

As Halloween approaches, we feel it is worth reminding you to keep an extra eye out for your pets' safety around this event.  For example:-

  • When decorating your home for Halloween be careful to keep potential hazards out of pets' reach.
  • Uncooked and potentially mouldy pieces of pumpkin can result in gastrointestinal problems and even neurological issues in cats and dogs.
  • Do not feed your pet Halloween ‘Treats’ – keep them where your pet can’t reach them. 
  • Keep your pets in a safe location if you are likely to have trick or treaters.

The RSPCA offer this seasonal advice for pet owners for autumn. 

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