Surgical cases are usually admitted between 8.30am and 10.30am. You will be asked to confirm that your dog or cat has been given no food from 8.00pm the previous evening, we will also request your signature on a consent form. Birds and other small pets, for example, guinea pigs, rabbits hamsters and ferrets are not to be fasted prior to surgery and can bring their own post-op feed with them. Water can be left out up to the morning of their operation. Birds and small pets can bring their water feeder with them.

Usually you pet will receive a premed prior to their operation after admission but in the case of very nervous dogs some owners may wish to wait while their pet is given its premed. We routinely use an analgesic (pain relieving) injection as part of the anaesthetic to reduce discomfort post-operatively.

Pets are generally sent home the same day but if an animal is too poorly to be discharged it will be kept overnight under the close supervision of the veterinary surgeon. ALL ANIMALS ARE CAREFULLY MONITORED THROUGHOUT THEIR STAY

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